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Urology, Robotics and Laparoscopic Surgery

About the Global Urology Advice

As Global Urology, we intend to offer online consultancy services to you about urological diseases in a rapidly digitalizing world. This site is in no way focused on writing prescriptions. He never recommends medications with a market name. Our site is open to all patients, especially those with urological symptoms and findings. Data that patients send online or as a mobile app (coming soon)  to our website; The consultant will be interpreted by urologists and other consultant specialists and will be presented to the patients in a report accompanied by recent literature..

Urological diseases; often ashamed to be told, avoid being said, can not be expressed in clear words. Patients are therefore reluctant to go to the doctor. The patient, who had her first examination from time to time, was also forced to go to the doctor or to go to the doctor again to evaluate the tests. However, in the internet and smart phone environment, patients are less than hesitant. In the virtual world where they accept a comfortable environment, the above reservations will be minimal. Patients or others will receive advice and advice in a relaxed environment, as the privacy principle in the Internet or mobile environment will be respected by us at the maximum level. We at aaIC Ltd have established the Global Urology Advice site by considering and anticipating that this is the case. Our services will be via both internet and mobile app etc. Our system will serve according to the legal rules of the countries. All rights of Global Urology Advice (www.globalurology.co.uk) belong to Ali AYYILDIZ Inter Consultancy Limited (aaIC Ltd.). aaIC Ltd, established in the United Kingdom, works on health and health tourism advice. Home Office is a registered limited company. It can open branches in other countries.

Our other purpose; In the later periods, the patients who have received counseling from us in the region where the doctors are included in our system, to make an appointment in the name of the patient, after the appointment, transfer the patient's information, documents and consultation reports to the doctor and help to the time of treatment until the treatment. We make our plans in this direction. The patient can also apply an option if they wish.

If a person is in need of consultancy or advice, he / she has access to internet or mobile phone in his / her home, office, workplace, travel, holiday etc. and can get consultancy and advice from us easily and readily.

Who we are?

We are doctors who prove ourselves to the world in terms of urology, make serious contributions to academic and moral studies and still work in everyday life. In this site, urologists, academicians and other consultation specialists who will serve as consultants will be present all over the world. All our doctors; they work in private, state, foundation and university hospitals, clinics and polyclinics, health centers and private practice. The retired physicians will also take part in our website. These physicians are composed of experts in their own subjects. All of our physicians have the license and working qualifications in their own countries. Ethical values ​​are very important to us. We're all over the world.

Our Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Ali AYYILDIZ

Ali AYYILDIZ is an advisor in urology.
  • He is working as a Professor in urology from 2011
  • 112 medical and scientific reports published in esteemed journals in Europe, USA and Japan
  • His studies were presented in over 140 medical and scientific meetings
  • His colleagues, medical students and residents are still working in different countries of the worlds
  • He wrote in 17 medical books
  • He studied urology in different countries of Europe
  • He has several certificates and rewards for his studies in urology
  • He organizes meetings related to urology
  • His articles have been cited 649 times as of 2017
  • He is particularly interested in pediatric urology, neurourology, female urology, urooncology and urethral surgery. He has written many articles on these subjects
  • He is the chief coordinator and consultant of the Global Urology website
  • He is the referee of many scientific journals

The best advice

Urology is a surgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of urinary system and reproductive organs in men and women, and our specialists in our website treat a wide range of urological diseases.

In Global Urology, as we have explained in the menu bar, we have world-class consultants from the world's top training hospitals, each of which is an expert in their field.

You can be sure that you will be evaluate by the best possible advisors for your specific requirements.

But currently only consultation and advice will be given. If you want we will advice our officers in global urology to you. We will share this proposal with you shortly.

The Best Advice